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Our parts equip electric water heaters, industrial bath heaters, or any device requiring to heat a fluid by means of a enameled steel sleeve. The advantage of the steatite solution is that it is not directly in contact with the fluid: it is protected from scale deposits, and easy to maintain because there is no need to drain the device.

Steatite technology

The steatite technology is made up of an extruded one-piece heating element, pressed ceramic elements, resistive heating wires, and a rod that holds the assembly together. All these components are produced directly on site in our factory.

Our range

Ø34Compatible from Ø32 to Ø34
Ø39Compatible from Ø37 to Ø39
Ø46Compatible from Ø45 to Ø46
Ø48Compatible from Ø46 to Ø48
Ø51Compatible from Ø50 to Ø52
Ø53Compatible from Ø53 to Ø54

The maximum length of a standard heating part is 450mm, and 1000mm for specials. There are 2 types of steatite heating element, "closed" grooves for horizontal operation, and "open" grooves for vertical operation.

Steatite technology

Beaumont company is continuously developing new resistors and will be able to offer a solution to your specifications.

Ceramic heating block
Ceramic heating block

The ceramic heating block consists of a resistive wire directly pressed into the ceramic. This type of heating element with dry inertia allows to restore the heat in an optimal, constant and regular way, giving a feeling of soft heat. This product is entirely made in our factory.

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