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Family business for four generations, we are based in France. Industrial ceramist for more than 70 years, we manufacture steatite resistors for electric water heaters and industrial bath heaters. We manufacture too ceramic heating blocks for dry inertia radiators.

Entreprise résistances stéatites

Made in France

Our specific extrusion process combined with a ceramic mix that we have enhanced over time, has enabled us to be a key supplier for manufacturers of water heaters. A modern factory and optimized means of production allow us to combine quality, competitiveness and reactivity, and thus to enforce monobloc resistance to our customers who manufacture water heaters.

In recent years we have developed a ceramic heating block for dry inertia radiators. The originality of this product is based on a heating wire embedded in a ceramic, which allows a homogeneous and pleasant restitution of the heat.

Entreprise résistances stéatites

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